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The Learning's Program provides opportunities for people to try out healthy new activities including, Learning to Surf, Paddle Boarding (Flat water), Bush Walks/Hikes, Surf Skating Lessons, and Personal Fitness activities.  


The Learnings program was developed by Dean Marshall who has extensive experience across Disability work, Youth Work, Education, Employment & Education Programs, Youth Justice, Intervention services, Mental Health, and Case Management. 


Dean was approached by a few families to support their children in some capacity, with a possible focus on outdoor activities.  With the support of Rainbow Beach Learn to Surf, whose philosophies and values aligned with the Learning's Program concept, the program was brought to life some eight months later.


The foundations of the program are based on previous successful programs Dean has developed, partnered, or been associated with.  These, as per the NDIS core theme, are based on a Self Determination model. 


Key factors within the program from a theoretical basis, are focused on:

  • Motivation

  • Thinking patterns

  • Learning

  • Memory

  • Emotion regulation

  • Self-Efficacy

  • Social Connection

  • Relatedness

  • Identity, and

  • Resilience

The activities themselves were identified for their unique characteristics and challenges, as well as the opportunity for the building and interrelatedness of skills between each activity (i.e. Surf-skate improves Surfing skills development), how each has its unique challenges, observations of the positive effects participants  gain from the activities, and how they can explore a new identity through these activities and achievements.    

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