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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an innovative service which enhances the lives of participants through healthy and challenging pursuits, whilst building platforms for healthy thinking, resilience, and long term positive growth of the individual and their social world. 

We hope to be a valued organisation that adds to the people, the community that it belongs to, and provides a tangible and obtainable model of support relevant to the community’s needs.

We also believe our participants and families should be our greatest supporters if we are doing a good job. 

Our clients include a broad range of age groups, cultures and backgrounds.  We often have close association with families, and other service providers.  We provide multiple forms of support, dependent on individual desires or needs.  We understand that not all people enjoy the same way of learning or platforms for learning. 

For more insight we recommend our charter below.  Included are our complaints procedures and Code of Conduct policy.


This policy guides our response to Covid-19 threats and how we plan to keep our staff and our customers safe and healthy now and in the future. 

This policy has been created based on resources from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, Queensland Tourism and Accommodation Council – Covid Safe Plan, Fitness Australia Framework of Operations for Fitness Facilities under Covid-19 Restrictions. 

We have checked equipment for cleanliness, good function, quantity to ensure no sharing of equipment during sessions between participants. 

Staff are to complete an online COVID training module by 20th June 2020, and to comply with WH&SQ plan for the business adopted on 11th June 2020. 

We see pre-screening of customers and clients and returning staff members as our first priority in reducing the risk of covid-19 transmission.  Followed by social distancing and hygiene measures. 



We request that customers/clients who have: 

(1) recently returned from overseas 

(2) been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 

(3) or are unwell or displaying symptoms of Covid-19: cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath, to not attend the session. 

We advise that customers who are in the ‘at risk’ category that we are using risk mitigation strategies for health and safety. 

We will require you to complete either a verbal or written questionnaire to confirm you are fit to participate in the session. 

We advise that we have the right to refuse service or entry to facilities in the event of failure to comply with the conditions of our Covid Safe Plan. 

A copy of this policy will be located on our website. 

We will be maintaining a register of attendance to all sessions and customers/participants will be required to list their name, address and phone number.  We are required to maintain these records for two months from date of attendance.  Records will be securely stored in hard copy at our office location in a locked filing cabinet and also in our electronic storage system.  Information stored will only be used in the case of contact tracing by Queensland Health.  No other usage of this information is permitted by this business. 

Posters will display this information and advice at the entry to business locations. 



Due to the nature of Covid-19 and how the virus spreads (through close contact with an infected person or touching a contaminated surface), the most effective way to slow transmission of the virus is through physical distancing and hygiene practices. 

We ensure that 4 square metres of space is available for each participant and that participants and staff will maintain a minimum distance of 1.5m between each person. 

Family groups or groups of people with the same residential address are considered as one person and are not required to socially distance between each other.  But are required to practice social distancing from other participants and staff. 

Please follow directions/signage of flow into the activity area and out of the area.   

Please complete hand hygiene at entry to activity.  

Paperwork and payment will be completed online wherever possible to minimise contact between staff and customers. 

We will arrange session times with enough time in between clients to allow for cleaning to be completed and to minimize contact of participants in different sessions. 

Posters will display this information and advice at the entry to business locations. 



Hand washing or sanitizing facilities will be made available at entry and exit to our sessions.  Customers and staff should perform hand hygiene on entry and exit to sessions. 

Cleaning of frequently touched areas will be completed daily. 

Equipment: surfboards, stand up paddle boards, wetsuits, boogie boards, masks & snorkels will be cleaned as per manufacturers’ instructions and sterilized after each use. 

Equipment provided in sessions is not to be shared between participants or staff.  Equipment will be cleaned as per manufacturers’ instructions and sterilized after each use. 

Bins and waste facilities provided and emptied daily to dispose of cleaning supplies and waste.  Bins require a bin liner to improve sanitation and reduce potential exposure to virus. 

Posters will display this information and advice at the entry to business locations. 



Staff and business partners are trained in new work processes listed in this policy and to complete an online training module for Covid-19. 

All meetings moved to phone or online wherever possible. 

Work from home options for administration activities implemented. 

Regular cleaning of frequently touched areas and equipment. 

Cleaning supplies and PPE supplied for cleaning duties by the business. 

Schedule staff hours to avoid overlapping times, and minimize contact possibilities for infection. 

Staff to stay home if unwell or displaying symptoms of Covid-19: cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath. 

Staff members who are unwell or symptomatic will be very actively discouraged from attending and advised to seek appropriate medical review. 

Staff members are encouraged to download the COVIDSafe App onto their personal devices. 

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