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Hiking/Nature Walks

Our hikes are based around small walks, with the opportunity to build towards a longer walk. Within the Cooloola National Park, we are permitted to conduct walks to Poona Lake, Carlo Sand Blow, and the Murrawa Track.  

Bush walking as most know is an excellent activity to reduce stress, and get people out of their heads into the natural world. 


Our walks are also chosen to explore the participants emotional regulation, problem solving, resilience, group awareness, and independence. 


Our program is influenced by connection to country, and including an awareness of each persons role in protecting it, learning about it, and exploring how it benefits their wellbeing.


People generally have patterns of behaviour they cycle through when hiking, and we utilise this activity to explore how a person manages or becomes aware of their emotions and how to work with this. 


Hiking programs will also include activities which promote ingenuity, play, and planning.  

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Paddle Boarding




Learn to Surf

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Pilates & Personal Training

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