Funding Options

We have chosen to operate the Learning's Program as an UNREGISTERED PROVIDER, which means we cannot manage NDIA Managed Participants (unless they receive prior approval), however we can support self-managed and/or plan managed participants under Life Skills Development, Community Participation, and Personal Training. 


If you have questions about Unregistered Providers we recommend clicking the links below to learn more about what this means to you.


In regards to qualifications please see our staff page on the link above.  

Having a chat to us about your funding situation is important, and how your support plan may look depends on this. 

Some people choose short term plans (i.e. 6 weeks), whilst other participants use our year long program. 


As most people are currently new to the NDIS funding system, it is important you talk to us (and your plan manager if relevant) to weigh up your funding options and situation.  

If you are a non-NDIS participant all our programs and activities are still available to you.  Simply let us know.

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