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Paddle Boarding Adventures

Paddle boarding adventures offer participants the experience of getting out into nature using a relatively easy to learn activity.  Our sessions are based in various locations, however all are conducted on flat water.  Participants levels of skills vary from starting in a seated position to standing and paddling.  With each session the length and venue are adjusted to their program, or the most suitable for weather conditions.  

Paddle boarding was included in the Learning's Program because it offers an opportunity to experience a healthy activity, which can challenge participants progressively.  Stand Up Paddle Boarding can be done individually or in a group. 


Within the program, paddle routes are designed to target emotional management, resilience, team work, memory, problem solving, understanding and managing a changing environment, planning, and identity. 

The sessions are approximately 2-3 hours in length, they are generally dependant on tidal movement and wind.  



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