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Pilates  &

Personal Training

The Learning's Program is able to provide Pilates and Personal Training through Cooloola Coast Pilates & Personal Training (CCP&PT).

CCP&PT believe that everybody can improve their health and life with physical activity that is right for each person.  All people are different and we base our exercise prescription on high quality physical assessments, in-depth client history, and clinical studies supporting our methods. 

We can help you reduce pain, improve physical strength and mobility, and guide you to activities to achieve your goals and fitness.


Under the Learning's Program CCP&PT provides the opportunity for our participants to access this services and facilities independently or in conjunction with other Learning's Program activities.


Pilates can be beneficial for improving core strength, toning the body, increasing the balance of the muscular system, improving flexibility and mobility and even helping with breathing function and stress reduction.

All Pilates & Personal Training sessions are delivered by Sarah Booth, Level 2 Registered Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia.  For a full list of qualifications please see our Staff page.  

For more information on CCP&PT click the link to see their page.


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